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See what our clients are saying about us!

Danielle and Jen are lifesavers! Moving to a house from an apartment felt daunting until I met Organize Wizely. They are prompt, competent and fun to be around - and their end product will impress! Their attention to detail and ability to come up with creative solutions is a key differentiator and helped the project come together with ease and efficiency. My kitchen went from chaos to order and my kid’s playroom is perfectly set up to accommodate my kids today and as they get older! We cannot wait to use them again.

- Ariella from Harrison, NY
Jen and Danielle are true organizing wizards!  They have a unique ability to analyze each space and tailor a detailed solution based on a client's needs.  I am thrilled with what they were able to do with my garage and closets, and they absolutely exceeded my expectations.  Not only are they thoughtful, creative and so much fun to work with, but they are incredibly invested in every project.  I can't wait to work with them again, and I enthusiastically recommend them for any organizing needs!

- Jenn from Scarsdale, NY
Jen and Danielle are BEYOND amazing!  My linen closet and guest room closet were a disaster so I enlisted Organize Wizely to help me organize what I knew I would never get to on my own and cringed every time I saw the chaos.  Jen and Danielle were very methodical in their approach to organization and went beyond folding and sorting items into neat piles, they literally reconfigured my closets to best support my day-to-day needs.  

I get such a happy feeling when I open those closets as the organization system has been seamless to maintain as well.  I highly recommend Organize Wizely to anyone in need of reorganizing.  They also are extremely entertaining and have a great design sense in case you need some help in that area. Danielle is a secret techy too, so has handy tricks to share as needed. I can’t recommend them more highly!

- Anonymous from Scarsdale, NY
Jen and Danielle completely revamped my garage into a functional space that I am thankful for every day. In a house without extraneous storage, my garage has become an integral part of my daily living!

Jen also reconfigured both my closet and my kitchen to better serve my needs. She created systems I am still using over a year later. Jen and Danielle are both pleasures to work with, and made the process easy and fun!

- Naomi from Scarsdale, NY
Jen and Danielle were a dream to work with! They were able to easily assess my needs and came up with a plan for what they would work on and what their priorities would be. They worked with precision and asked appropriate questions when they were not sure. I instantly knew I could trust them which is really an integral part of organizing.

My house was being put on the market and the basement playroom had been neglected for too long.  They knew exactly what to keep and what to purge; at no point since have my children looked or asked for an item that was purged, ha! They are personally funny and great to have in my home. I would highly recommend them for any and all of your organizational needs! 

- Sarah from Eastchester, NY
Organize Wizely knows how to make any space functional and clean. They come into the area and in no time at all, rearrange, purge, and develop an easy to follow system for keeping any area neat and tidy. They’ve slowly worked through my house - from the pantry, to the kitchen, to hall/bedroom closets and bathrooms.  I now have a place for everything in my life!

- Michelle from Scarsdale, NY
Danielle has been helping me with various organizing projects for more than five years.  We moved into a three bedroom apartment and she really helped us maximize the space.  She helped us take advantage of all our space in an efficient and convenient way.   I know I can rely on her opinion and organizing expertise. I highly recommend Danielle and her services!

- Danielle from Riverdale, NY
I had recently moved into my apartment and was expecting twins soon; so I really needed help organizing my closet when I called Danielle. I have been very happy I hired her. She was wonderful to work with. She was efficient, hard-working and creative in making the closet user-friendly. Danielle's upbeat personality made an otherwise tedious task enjoyable and I was comfortable having her in my home. I have already recommended Danielle's services to friends and family, as she is professional, smart and fun to work with. I hope to hire her again soon!

- Elyse from Stamford, CT
Danielle is the best! She really helped me organize my room and get my clothes in order. She set up a great organizational system for me that is easy to maintain on my own. Her prices are reasonable and she is very friendly and pleasant to work with. Highly recommend! ​

- Alex from New York, NY
Danielle is an amazing organizer. She came to my house and transformed the entire thing. Danielle is extremely talented. She got storage boxes and hangers to make the closets look spectacular.

- Jennifer from Bergenfield, NJ
I love what Danielle did to my home! She exceeded all my expectations. This was my first time using Organize Wizely and it definitely won't be my last. I am truly impressed with the work Danielle does and appreciate how easily accessible she has made everything in my home.

- Jenn from New York, NY
Danielle is an absolute pleasure to work with. During the stressful time of moving, her amazing organization skills made the process graceful and smooth. I was thrilled and impressed that in only six short hours she packed up my entire apartment! Not only does she save you hours of time, but she is trustworthy, prompt, efficient, thorough and has a true passion for what she does. I would highly recommend her for any organizational or packing needs and plan to use her services again in the future!

- Jillian from New York, NY
Thank goodness Danielle came into our life. She took some projects that I was avoiding for years and turned them into masterpieces of organization. I now know where everything is, and it all makes sense . It's so easy for me to find everything, as well as stay on top of it. It's easy to keep organized, and everything has its place. 

We used to look at our projects and just walk away in frustration.  Danielle tackled each issue with clarity and kept our specific needs always in mind. I recommend Danielle for any project, big or small she is a gem!

- Becca from Brookline, MA
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